Let’s Talk Hair - Shea Moisture Product Review

I am a self professed hair product junkie, I can admit this!  The first step to recovery is acknowledging you have a problem, LOL! 

The purpose of this post is to review some of the Shea Moisture hair products.  Skeerrrtt…stop there!  Just because these products may work for my hair, please understand that you may not get the same results.  Product reviews should be used as a ‘guide’ not a ‘bible’ of what to use on your hair.  Now that I’ve put that disclaimer out of the way, let’s move forward, shall we?

Shea Moisture Shampoo4 out of 5 curls.  I did expect a little bit of lather but this has no bearing on my decision to purchase this product. This shampoo provides a lot of moisture while gently cleansing your hair.  It also has a little slip surprisingly, which a bonus for me.

Shea Deep Moisture Masque – 3 out of 5 curls.  This cream is a little bit watery than I expected and doesn’t FEEL like it has a lot of slip and moisture.  However, once I rinsed the product out my hair felt great.  It could just be my preference for what I’m use to feeling in my hair.  It wouldn’t hurt to try.

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner – 5 out of 5 curls.  This is my all time favorite as you can see how much of it I have used.  If I had to choose from any of the 3 products, THIS would be my must have!

Feel free to share with me your results and or feedback on any other products you might have tried.  Sorry for some of the pictures, but you can click on them and see my hair a little more up close.

Enjoy and Live Simplistically!