The Cherry Lola Treatment - My Review

I came across The Cherry Lola Treatment for frizzy hair while on Tumblr. A reader who follows Hey Fran Hey asked what she could do with her frizzy hair, and Fran referred her to The Cherry Lola Treatment. I went ahead, checked it out, investigated further and was nearly sold to try it on my own hair but wanted to wait. I finally decided months later, especially coming across it again for the umpteenth time on The Good Hair Blog (whose advice on natural hair I also trust). Once I read her reviews, I was done. Wallet was in hand and I traveled to the nearest health food store to pick up the following items:

What is needed:

1 - 16oz tub of yogurt - I used plain Fage

2 tbl spoons - Amino Acids (DO NOT use soy sauce, just don’t…even though this amino acid stuff tastes pretty good!)

2 tbl spoons - Baking Soda. Please be sure to read the label to ensure you picked up baking SODA and not baking powder like I did! Thank goodness for extra boxes lying around :-)

Mix the wet ingredients first (yogurt and liquid amino acids), then add the baking soda. It’s kinda cool how the mixture begins to froth up and becomes light and airy like whipped cream.

NOTE - this mixture is COLD! I took the yogurt straight from the fridge to make my mixture and when I applied it to my hair and realized O_o…not horrible, just took me by surprise.

I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied starting from the roots to my ends. I was nervous because I did not detangle my hair before applying. I thought I would run into some issues but I didn’t. I finger detangled while adding the mixture to my hair and once all was said and done, I took my wide tooth comb and detangled (from ends to root).

Not even a minute after having this on my head did I feel a difference! My hair fell straight down instead of out (though I think it’s growing) but the curls started to elongate a bit. I added my sexy shower cap and sat with this on my head for an hour.

After rinsing out - Vavoom! Lots of curls, lots of volume. Unfortunately this stuff wasn’t magical enough to cure the heat damage from my hair done years ago, but whatev!

My Review - Um, HECK yes!? Excuse me, but WHY did I not try this sooner? I give this treatment 5 out of 5 curls. This is the bees knees and will become a part of my monthly regime. I loved just how the application felt on my hair so much, that I put the left overs on my son’s hair. This stuff WORKS! I’m curious to see how treatment #2 will come out?

If you try Cherry Lola’s Treatment I would LOVE to hear your results and your thoughts.

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