Winter Hair Care Regime, Here I Come!

Doing my usual thing and testing out new hair products.  It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog because Lord knows… O_O!  Hee-hee :-)

Anyway, as the temperature is getting colder here in Chicago and drier, I’m starting to create a winter regime that will help to keep my hair moisturized, ends sealed and conditioned.  I’ve never really cared about having one, so this will be a first!

Below are some of the products that I will be trying out and testing.  I know I am soooo behind on the natural hair trend but, you have to start some where, right?  I actually tried the Jamaican Black Castor Oil earlier this year and loved it.  It was crazy thick, but perfect for sealing my ends!

Vatika Oil - a very nourishing oil for the hair and scalp, helps to prevent hair damage and contains several key ingredients that aid in hair health.  Anyone heard of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)?  I may try the hair paste that you can make with it or add it to my henna treatments.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil - helps to thicken, moisturize, prevent hair breakage, and increases blood flow to the scalp.  Works on all types of hair!

I also plan to make my own deep conditioner using avocado this weekend and will share the recipe and the results…of course!

Does anyone else have a winter hair care regime?

Living Simplistically!