All Natural DIY Deep Conditioner - It is a MUST Try!!!!!!!!

Um, so you all probably think I am on some sort of drug because I seem to always be doing something.  While in fact that is true (that I’m always doing something), I suffer from something called can’t-sit-still-too-long-uenza.  I come by it honestly because my mother is busy always doing something.  I digress…

I came across this deep conditioner recipe to use during the winter months and I AM A BELIEVER!!  If I could scream out of this page and convince you to try this conditioner because you would not be sorry, I would!  I decided to use this first on my daughter’s hair because she and her brother have weekly swimming classes, so I needed something that would provide extra nourishment to her hair.  Her hair is TIGHTLY coiled and it seems no product truly works on her dry, easily tangled hair to detangle, and condition WELL.  Dun, dun, DUN…until now!  When I slathered this mixture into her hair I swear her strands EXHALED!  Not only did I feel the moisture going into her hair, it detangled the heck out of her hair.  She didn’t even say “ouch” when I was combing through her hair.  NEVER HAPPENS!  After seeing these results, I forced got my whole family in on the deep conditioning party.  The hubby was excluded because he had to work, but I’ll get him!

Here is what you need.  Only 5 simple ingredients.

1/2 - Banana - softens dry brittle hair and is used as a natural emollient, also packed with high potassium which is beneficial for your strands.

1/2- Avocado - a natural sealant helps to restore and retain moisture.

2 tbls spoons - Honey - Natural humectant, helps combat frizz and provides shine.

1/2 c - Coconut milk - A natural protein helps give life to limp, and dull hair.

1/2 c - Sesame Oil - The original recipe called for Olive oil and I didn’t have it, so I used sesame oil, which I found acts as a natural sunscreen and protectant (perfect for both of my kids while they swim), nourishes the hair and also surprisingly helps to darken the hair for those of you who have premature graying.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

Take all of the ingredients and blend them until everything is smooth.  You should get a light green cream.

Apply to the hair in sections.  I did three for my daughter and none for me, pay extra attention to the ends, cover with a shower cap for 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water.  You will immediately feel the moisture in your hair…and hands!  BAM!  Magic happens :-)

I think I finally found something that works not only on my daughter’s hair, but mine as well.  Everyone’s hair was left soft, shiny and manageable.  Sweet-ness :-)

Living Simplistically!